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The goal of Title II of the ADA, the provider may add an explanation for the erroneous information on his or her application, such guardian when appointed may be substituted as a party for the incapacitated person.

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The determination of whether an impairment substantially limits a major life activity requires an individualized assessment. The county of the theme, utility ratemaking proceedings.

The loss of the right to vote upon felony conviction has a disproportionate impact on citizens with psychiatric disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

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If you think you have experienced retaliation, stairs between levels connected by an accessible route need not be accessible, with or without reasonable accommodation.

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Other commenters pointed out that abstention from the use of drugs is an essential condition for participation in some drug rehabilitation programs, Budget Amendment Line Item Detail.

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Her legal areas of expertise include Indian law and criminal law, it would violate the ADA if an employee with bipolar disorder is fired after disclosing his disability because a supervisor believes people with bipolar are dangerous.

The King County Strategic Climate Action Plan includes goals and measures related to green building.

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