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The Home Page of the Amity High School Theater Department in Woodbridge CT.

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When a student is referred to the team, it identifies areas of concern, plans and implements appropriate strategies, supports regular education teachers, reviews progress, and makes additional referrals as needed.

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Developmental skills will be enhanced by a variety of new materials, tools, and time allotted to the student.

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This program is free to Amity students.

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In addition, it is the policy of the Board to may provide intramural athletic activities as an outgrowth of class instruction in physical education commensurate with the grade level of the students involved.

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VBS School personnel are prohibited from recommending the use of psychotropic drugs for any student enrolled in the school system.Los Angeles Forms).

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IPO Quality Public COVID-19 Resources and Reopening Plan Amity Regional School District 5.

FFA Students can prepare independently for the GED, but are advised to take a practice test to find out what areas they may have to study in order to pass this test.

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